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91-Year-Old Dem Confronts Liberal Congressman: ‘I’m Sick Of What You’re Doing To The Country’

A 91-year-old veteran that’s been a life-long Democrat blistered his own Democrat congressman in a brutal rant posted to social media.

The veteran, who has yet to be named, was filmed berating New Jersey Rep. Josh Gottheimer in a town-hall style event regarding the controversial impeachment process of President Donald Trump.

“I’m a Democrat — I don’t think they got anything [on Trump]. I’m sick of Pelosi. I’m sick of all these people. I’m sick of what you’re doing to this country,” the man exclaimed.

The man went on to talk about how his military friends put everything on the line to protect the United States and that congress has done nothing, saying, “These guys did something for our country — most of the guys in Washington, they shouldn’t be there.”

He then spoke directly to Gottheimer: “Don’t hold your meetings like this. You’re better than this, you understand? People deserve more than this. … I’ve been following you in the paper for a long time, but this impeachment thing makes me sick. Wise up, my friend.”

“[Democrats] make me sick, I’m a Democrat and they make me sick,” he concluded.


Many Twitter users responded to this impassioned rant, with one saying, “This guy’s obviously upset because been a Republican for 91 yrs and he just found out.”

Another said, “This generation faught real Nazis. They get it. A great wake up call from this patriot and warrior. God bless him.”

“So true! My 90 year old grandmother was a life long democrat and changed parties and voted for Trump in 2016. The Old Democratic Party no longer exists! It’s been hijacked by the communist part of America,” another added.

The impeachment proceedings will continue throughout the week, though it is unknown how long the entire process will take.


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