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About Daily Sounder is owned by and launched by founder and chief editor Ryan Ledendecker with a mission to cover America’s various news topics in an easy-to-digest format to give our readers a quick way to catch up on the news that matters to them most.

We cite verified and reputable sources for the stories we choose to cover, across various topics with a strong commitment to ensuring nothing we report is false or misleading in any manner.

We fully understand that we live in an era of “fake news” and misleading content and we write our stories with that in mind, remaining committed to reporting facts.

Daily Sounder isn’t in the market to be the next Fox News or the next TMZ or CNN — we’re perfectly content with our small team of highly-skilled contributors — who all have online publishing backgrounds — reporting the important news of the day.

The Politics aims to provide complete and fair coverage of any given news story we report and if any of our articles are opinion-based, the story will be properly tagged and fully disclosed that it’s an editorial take on the subject instead of, or in addition to, the actual news report.

Because Daily Sounder’s audience is overwhelmingly politically conservative, we tend to report on stories that our conservative audience wishes to digest on a daily basis. But for readers who arrive on our site through organic means, we feel it’s important to be as transparent as possible about our process and make them aware of why we cover the types of stories we generally write about.

We believe in full transparency and while we know that the online news field is crowded, we hope that we can carve out a little space of our own, especially as America heads into the 2020 presidential election. Getting news out to the masses is an important job — whether that’s a blogger in a coffee shop or a veteran reporter at a mainstream agency.

Thank you for giving us a shot and for letting us earn your eyeballs for your daily news intake. If there’s ever anything we can improve upon or change, we’re always open for feedback — both positive and negative and everything in-between! Use our Contact Form and send us a message anytime, and a staffer will typically respond within 24 hours or less to your inquiry.

Advertising runs ads within its stories to help keep the website funded and operational, as we have no investors or third-party interests in ownership of the site. Any stories that fall into the realm of “sponsored content” will be clearly marked at the beginning of the story. You can also view a link to our privacy policy, which explains the type of ads we run on the site: Privacy Policy


To submit a correction for a story on, please use our Contact Form or email us: and we’ll respond within 24 hours after we investigate and, if appropriate, correct any inaccurate information. All corrections made will be noted at the beginning of a corrected story.


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