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Adam Schiff Cited In New Collusion Lawsuit

Rep. Adam Schiff is now in the hot seat.

On Monday, the de facto leader of the campaign to impeach President Donald Trump was hit with a lawsuit from Kash Patel, an aide to the president and a member of the National Security Council.

According to the Daily Caller, Patel is suing Politico — a long-standing news organization covering Washington D.C. politics — for defamation. In the lawsuit, he claims that the outlet had colluded directly with Schiff in order to tarnish his reputation, along with the administration’s.

The suit by Patel declares that Politico based two slanderous articles against him using inaccurate leaks from October’s impeachment inquiry, headed up by Schiff himself.

“Defendants’ reporting was categorically and knowingly false,” the lawsuit states. “Defendants intentionally employed a scheme or artifice to defame Kash with the intent to undermine the President’s confidence in Kash and to further Schiff’s impeachment inquisition.”

The writer and reporter for the two stories in question, Natasha Bertrand, is said to have “colluded, collaborated and conspired with Schiff to defame” Patel.

The first story by Bertrand, published on Oct. 23, claims that Patel deceived Trump by “passing negative information” along about Ukraine. The second story, published on Oct. 30, reports that Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman — the NSC director on Ukraine — said that Patel “misrepresented” himself in talks with Trump about the issue.

However, per the lawsuit, Patel claims he had no contacts with the president regarding Ukraine.

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“At no time prior to October 30, 2019 had Kash ever communicated with the President on any matters involving Ukraine. Kash never supplied any Ukraine ‘materials’ to the President,” the suit stated.

At the time of this writing, Politico and Schiff have yet to respond to media requests about the new collusion lawsuit.


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