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Adam Schiff Finds Next Target, Alludes To Possibly Impeaching VP Mike Pence

It appears congressional Democrats aren’t done with impeachment quite yet.

On Thursday, Rep. Adam Schiff appeared on MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow to talk about the possibility of going after Vice President Mike Pence and his staff.

Schiff seems to believe that Pence hid information that would have been pertinent in the House impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump, saying that he came across new evidence recently.

“Well, we have acquired a piece of evidence, classified by Jennifer Williams, something she alluded to in her open testimony,” Pence told Maddow. “Then going back and looking through her records she found other information that was pertinent to that phone call that we asked her about and made that submission.

He continued: “There is nothing that is classified in the document but the vice president’s office has said they are going to classify. … It is not proper to classify something because it would be embarrassing or incriminating. And that submission does shed light on the vice president’s knowledge. We think the American people should see it.”

Jennifer Williams’ testimony at the impeachment hearing was relatively tame, not offering much fodder for Democrats except for deeming Trump’s call as “unusual.”

Now Schiff seems to believe that Williams may contain the key to ousting both Trump and Pence.

Hypothetically, if the president and vice president were to be impeached, then the Speaker of the House of Representative would be next in line to the presidency.

Who is that? Well, none other than California Rep. Nancy Pelosi.

What do you think of Schiff’s new charge to further investigate Vice President Mike Pence? Let us know in the comments and be sure to vote in our daily poll below.


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