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Adam Schiff Requests Classified Info From Mike Pence’s Office. The VP’s Response Is Perfect.

On Saturday, Rep. Adam Schiff — the de-facto leader of the impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump — requested that more information be declassified by Vice President Mike Pence’s office regarding the testimony from one of his aides.

However, Pence has refused to declassify anything else, as they don’t even know what Schiff really wants, according to The Hill.

“Because Adam Schiff continues to operate in an underhanded manner, the Office of the Vice President does not even know what he wants declassified,” Pence spokeswoman Katie Waldman said. “It’s simply further proof that this shoddy committee is pursuing a sham investigation.”

Well, that’s one way to stick it to Schiff.

For context, the day before Pence and his administration declined to assist Schiff, the chair of the House Intelligence Committee sent a letter asking the vice president to declassify the contents of a call he held with Zelensky on September 18.

“Today, the House Intelligence Committee sent the following letter to Vice President Mike Pence requesting that the Office of the Vice President, or another relevant classification authority, declassify supplemental testimony provided by Jennifer Williams to the Committee, as noted in our report,” an aide to a member on the intelligence panel told The Hill.

Williams, a Pence staffer who testified before lawmakers in November, said that much of the call between Pence and Ukrainian President Zelensky was classified during her testimony.

Schiff and his Democrat colleagues wanted to see to see if there’s anything incriminating in the routine call between Pence and Zelensky, hence the request.

But now, it seems they won’t even get the opportunity to look.

Do you think that Pence made the right move in rejecting Schiff’s declassification request? Should most calls between high-ranking leadership across various countries remain classified? Let us know in the comments below and share this story on social media.


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