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Adam Schiff Swarmed By Anti-Impeachment Protesters: ‘Booed Off The Stage’

After several incidents where pro-impeachment Democrats were grilled in their home districts by constituents, it appears Rep. Adam Schiff — who spearheaded the House impeachment inquiries into President Donald Trump — got a small dose of pushback himself.

On Saturday in Los Angeles, during a gathering to mark the Armenian Genocide, Schiff was confronted by a handful of Trump supporters that “booed him off the stage,” according to defense attorney David Wohl.

Here’s video of the incident:

Some were not too happy with the anti-impeachment activists stealing the show.

“Shame on these Trump supporters,” said one individual tweeted. He added, “This event is about the Armenian genocide not impeachment. On the behalf of the Armenian community, @RepAdamSchiff we apologize.”

Democrats across the country have been in hot water over their decision to submit articles of impeachment in the house and work toward a trial in the senate.

Earlier this week, Rep. Kendra Horn was approached by a group of Trump supporters during a Town Hall in Oklahoma. One said she’d be in “a lot of trouble” if she votes to impeach Trump.

“We’re mad as hell. Why did you allow this sham to go on?” one asked Horn.

Another said, “Get back to work for the American people!”

Horn is one of 31 Democrats who are in districts that Trump won in 2016 — and who will have a very hard time in their 2020 re-election bid if they side with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in continuing the impeachment process.

What do you think of Rep. Adam Schiff getting mobbed by Trump supporters opposing the president’s impeachment? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to share on social media.


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