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After Kamala Harris Drops Out Of 2020 Race, Dems Come To A “Sickening” New Realization

On Tuesday, California Sen. Kamala Harris announced she was officially ending her bid for the White House in 2020. With Harris out, Democrats are coming to a rather grim realization.

The six candidates that will be at the next debate are all white.

This new reality for the 2020 Democratic primary was first noted by left-wing activist organization AJ+ on Twitter.


Jim Kessler, Third-Way co-founder and a former Chuck Schumer staffer, complained about the situation, calling the coming all-white Democratic debate stage “sickening.”

“At this point, we have 7 (sic) Democrats qualified for the December debate stage and they are all white. This is sickening,” he commented.

One individual even promoted a conspiracy that Harris’ departure was the doing of conservatives: “There was a coordinated right wing campaign against Harris, and a lot of those talking points were taken up by liberals, and now we’re set to have an all white debate stage. That’s how this works. We’re not immune because we’re liberal.”

Vox noted that there are still people of color vying for Democratic nomination, but have not qualified for the next debate, setting them back greatly.

“Sen. Harris had already qualified for the upcoming Democratic debate on December 19. Now that she has dropped out, the debate lineup is currently entirely white — as of today, Andrew Yang, Cory Booker, Julian Castro, Tulsi Gabbard, and Deval Patrick have not yet qualified,” Vox said.

Will a less-diverse debate stage hurt Democrats going into 2020? Particularly considering the party boasts superior support amongst minorities and people of color? Let us know what you think in the comments below and be sure to share on Facebook and Twitter.


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