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Al Sharpton Worried Trump Can Easily Be Re-Elected: ‘That Should Make Us Uncomfortable’

As the impeachment proceedings come to a halt and the Democratic nomination process continues to drone on, some liberals are looking inward to see how things are currently looking in the 2020 fight against President Donald Trump.

And some aren’t so hopeful — namely, Rev. Al Sharpton.

During an interview on Morning Joe on Friday, the long-time black activist said that Trump is currently “bragging about the economy” — which is a high-priority for his followers — and Democratic president candidates don’t seem to care, the Daily Caller reports.

Despite agreeing that “a fair trial” is needed in the upcoming Senate impeachment process, he still noted that the economy is a make or break issue.

“I think voters really that are struggling, which are a lot of the base, which is a lot of base of the Democratic Party, are really trying to deal with kitchen-table issues. That’s what we’ve got to address, particularly while you have a president that’s bragging about the economy. Right now we cannot say with any comfort that Donald Trump would not be re-elected. That should make us uncomfortable.”


In recent weeks, the president has been parading his incredible economic numbers and America’s stock market growth. Since his inauguration, over 5 million jobs have been created, employment has hit all-time lows amongst several demographics, and median household income has increased by several thousand dollars.

In fact, the economy is an issue that’s been noticeably absent from the recent Democratic debates, with one moderator even asking what candidates think about the booming Trump economy.

If the Democrats can’t find a way to edge out Trump on the economy, they will likely not secure a White House win in 2020.

What do you think of Al Sharpton being worried about Trump winning in 2020 because of the economy? Let us know in the comments and be sure to vote in our daily poll below.

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