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Dershowitz To Trump: Don’t Pay Me For Defense, I’ll Defend You For Free

With the senate impeachment trial underway, President Donald Trump has been mounting his defenses, having recently brought in eight counsels to help — including Alan Dershowitz.

However, Dershowitz — a constitutional lawyer and academic — is rejecting payment from the Trump administration, opting to do the job for free, per The Epoch Times.

In fact, according to an interview Dershowitz gave with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, if he had no option but to accept payment, he stated that “all the money would go to charity.”

The legal scholar said that he was asked to join the president’s defense team because of his extensive background and knowledge of the constitutional requirements for an impeachment. He noted that even if the allegations were true against Trump, they would not be worthy of an impeachable offense.

“I will go into the history of the formulation in the Constitution and the history of how these words came to be, and leave it to others to argue the facts, to make strategic decisions about witnesses,” Dershowitz told Cooper.

Additionally, the law professor made it clear that he is non-partisan. On Twitter, he stated that he’s voted for Hillary Clinton in the past, along with rejecting the notion of a Bill Clinton impeachment.

But he believes that a Trump impeachment, at the end of the day, is wrong.

When Dershowitz was announced to the team, White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham took Democrats to the woodshed, accusing them of potentially causing “grave and lasting damage” to the United States.

“The president looks forward to the end of this partisan and unconstitutional impeachment. It’s time for Congress to turn its attention back to the work of the American people and leave sham political investigations like this one in the past,” Grisham said in a statement.


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