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AOC Bashes Trump Economy After DOW Jones Reaches Record-High 29,000

President Donald Trump’s economy has been flying high over the last three years, with records being set seemingly every day.

However, not everyone appreciates the growth, with freshman Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez complaining about the lack of wage increases for Americans.

“The Dow soars, wages don’t. Inequality in a nutshell,” she tweeted out in response to an article that announced the record-high 29,000 DOW Jones.

AOC was attacked ruthless in the comments, with a congressional candidate saying that she was “false” and her statement was “irrelevant.”

“You need a course in economics 101. You are completely ignoring an important fact — “real” wages which are adjusted for inflation are increasing. The Trump economy is helping traditionally lower wage earners, thus your statement is false and irrelevant,” Illinois congressional candidate Catalina Lauf replied.

She continued, saying that the “Trump economy is a perfect example of what happens when you cut taxes and mindless regulation.”

Chicks on the Right said: “As a congresswoman, you might want to brush up on your wage growth facts, you ignorant beast.”

Over five million jobs have been created under Trump. Additionally, median household income has increased and taxes have been lowered for everyone.

A report last month also showed that blue-collar wages are rising faster than white-collar wages, a first in many decades.

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