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Barbra Streisand On Adam Schiff: He ‘Would Make A Great President’

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Adam Schiff emerged as one of the most recognizable faces of President Donald Trump’s impeachment inquiry and probably had an equal amount of exposure during the Senate impeachment trial.

America has had a chance to get to know Schiff on a level that we previously never knew, as he was never a prominent House figure. He must have made quite the impact on Hollywood legend Barbra Streisand, because according to Breitbart, the actress believes Schiff did such a wonderful job that he would make “a great president.”

““Adam Schiff is so impressive. His knowledge of the law… his passion… his articulateness. His sincerity!” Barbra Streisand said, pouring praise on the partisan lawmaker.  “He speaks the truth and would make a great president,” Streisand tweeted on Friday, as the Senate impeachment trial began to wind down.

While Streisand — a two-time Academy Award-winner — might have a positive view of the House Manager, she appears to be in a rather small minority, as Schiff’s approval ratings have taken a plunge since he’s been the face of impeachment.

According to a YouGov poll, only 27 percent of Americans have a positive view of the California lawmaker. That means a vast majority of America thinks otherwise.

Last month, 77-year-old Streisand dipped her toes in the political water and grabbed headlines after rattling off six reasons why she believed Trump should be impeached. Unfortunately for her, the Senate must not have agreed, as the president is expected to be acquitted of both articles of impeachment by Wednesday.


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