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Ben Carson Calls Out Dems On Impeachment, Reveals Advice He Gave Trump

Despite many changes in the Trump Administration’s staff, cabinet, and department heads, Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson has been a pillar of stability since 2017.

Now, as President Donald Trump fights tooth and nail in the heavily-partisan impeachment process, Carson is looking to help Trump ride the storm out.

During a CBS interview with correspondent Jericka Duncan, Carson revealed that he told Trump in a personal conversation that the president shouldn’t think about “giving up” on anything, along with asking him to keep fighting a good fight.

Additionally, Carson slammed the Democrats’ impeachment proceedings as “very immature.”

During the interview, Duncan asked, “Throughout the impeachment process, we saw and heard from career civil servants. You work with a lot of career civil servants here. Do you have any reason to doubt that the foreign service officers who testified in the impeachment proceedings were telling the truth?

“Well, I mean, they’re people,” Carson answered. “Do people have various reasons for doing things that are not, uh, fair? Of course they do.”

“What we really need to be thinking about is the whole concept of fairness,” he concluded.

Carson, a former top neurosurgeon, ran against President Trump during the 2016 Republican primary. Eventually, Carson saw the writing on the wall, dropped out of the race, and got behind Trump to help him beat Hillary Clinton in the general.

What do you think about HUD Secretary Ben Carson’s remarks to President Trump, along with his slam of “immature” Democrats? Let us know in the comments and be sure to vote in our daily poll below.


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