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Bernie Spent $1.2M On Private Jets In Just 3 Months Amid ‘Planetary Crisis Of Climate Change’

Do as I say, not as I do?

Despite advocating for extreme measures against fossil fuels — and having previously said climate change is “caused by human activity” — it appears Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders isn’t ready to give up the fuel-chugging, private jet lifestyle just yet.

According to filings with the Federal Elections Committee, Sanders has outspent all his political rivals on private jets late last year. From October to December, his campaign spent over $1.2 million getting Sanders from one place to another in a private jet.

Not a whole year. Not half a year. A quarter of a year.

The self-avowed socialist candidate has made very serious claims about the devastating impact that climate change can have on our planet.

“Climate change is real, caused by human activity and already devastating our nation and planet. The United States must lead the world in combating climate change and transforming our energy system away from fossil fuels and toward energy efficiency and sustainability,” Sander said, according to BetterWorld.

Additionally, the Vermont senator helped draft the New Green Deal with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, which would add thousands of environmental restrictions and work to phase out fossil fuels in the United States entirely.

During the Democratic primary in 2016, Sanders harped on the fact that he would fly coach on commercial flights — but things changed after Hillary Clinton secured the nomination. The Washington Examiner reports that Sanders “repeatedly requested and received” a private jet to fly in when campaigning for Hillary against President Donald Trump.

Bernie used two private jet companies late in 2019, Advanced Aviation Team and Apollo Jets. Biden spent the second most on private jets, coming in a around $1 million.


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