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Biden: ‘I Was Raised In The Black Church’

Democratic frontrunner Joe Biden is working hard to gin up support for his campaign in Iowa.

And when talking about his support among minorities, the former vice president claims to have great backing with the black community because he was “raise in the black church.”

“I have a lot of black support because that’s where I come from. I was raised in the black church, politically, not a joke,” Biden said in Des Moines. “When I got into politics, I was the only white guy working on the east side, in the projects, because these were the guys I grew up with. These were the guys I worked with.”

This comment came during a campaign stop with Urban Dreams, a minority outreach organization. The Washington Examiner reports the event had roughly 100 people and they were mostly white.

During the event, Biden also claimed that black Democrats have supported him consistently for years. This stemmed from his time as a local politician in Wilmington, Delaware, as Biden said he would “go to a black church after regular mass every Sunday.”

“People ask why do I have such overwhelming support from the African American community, because that’s what I’m part from,” he said. “That’s where my political identity comes from. It’s the single most consistent political constituency I’ve ever had.”


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