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Black Friday Shoppers Post Videos Of Public Freakouts At Stores Across America

What has happened to America?

Daring Black Friday shoppers ventured out early in the morning in search of doorbuster deals and savings. However, many got much more than they bargained for. Take a look at some of the craziest moments from this years Black Friday chaos:

With the increased usage of online shopping and the deals sites like Amazon offer on the massive sales day, it’s a wonder that in-store chaos continues to run amok.

Maybe some people simply like the adrenaline rush of securing the last 4k TV or being able to run through stores. I can’t say I know exactly why, because I’d much rather be perusing deals online in my pajamas where it’s nice and cozy.

Over the years, the post-Thanksgiving holiday has become somewhat of an internet meme. One went as far as to say, “Black Friday should be called The Hunger Games. People kill each other and the winner gets a $20 crockpot.”

In fact, the entire day is rather ironic.

Isn’t it funny that the day after America spends time with family and ponders on the things they are grateful for, they make mad dashes to buy the latest and greatest goods? A bit hypocritical, I’d say.

So, make sure to stay safe out there — or, just saddles up to your desktop and click a few buttons on


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