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Michael Bloomberg Holds Rally With Judge Judy And Not Many People Showed Up

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg — one of America’s richest men — truly believes that he can beat President Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential election by using his massive, unlimited campaign war chest.

The ultra-wealthy candidate has even pledged to spend a staggering and unprecedented $1 billion of his own money in the hopes of grabbing the Democratic nomination and eventually unseating Trump.

However, as The Washington Examiner reported on Sunday, his attempt to draw a crowd — complete with star power in the form of America’s favorite TV judge, Judge Judy Sheindlin — only managed to attract about 45 attendees.

A later update to the Washington Examiner story indicated that the Bloomberg campaign reached out to the publication dispute the number of attendees that was originally reported, claiming that about 130 people showed up to the restaurant event and about 700 total showed up to Bloomberg events throughout the day. The estimation of 45 attendees was originally reported in The New York Post.

Either way, the numbers pale in comparison to Trump rallies — or even rallies held by many of Bloomberg’s Democratic opponents.

A candidate can have all the money in the world as his or her disposal, but if they can’t manage to draw actual support from people, money isn’t really going to matter.

Using heavy-hitting celebrities like Judge Judy is only one of Bloomberg’s plays for the 2020 nomination. He’s already secured a whopping $10 million Super Bowl ad spot and his ad spending is predicted to beat Trump’s by a 4-1 ratio.

During the rally, which took place in San Antonio, Texas on Saturday, Bloomberg apparently focused on his ideas to increase pay for teachers in his home state of New York. He also talked about his plan to cut the carbon footprint and topping off his list of completely uninteresting topics, he began taking jabs at President Trump.

Currently, despite spending untold amounts of money on advertising, Bloomberg still sits in the middle of the pack — and that’s just in the national polling data. Broken down by state, such as the two crucially important early-voting states of Iowa and New Hampshire, Bloomberg barely registers any support at all.



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