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Dan Bongino Hits Liberal News Outlet With $15M Lawsuit: ‘Reckless Disregard For The Truth’

Dan Bongino, a frequent Fox News contributor and former agent in the U.S. Secret Service, hit the online news outlet The Daily Beast with a massive, $15 million defamation lawsuit earlier this month after the outlet claimed he was “dropped” from NRATV.

According to Fox News, Bongino cited “actual malice and reckless disregard for the truth” in the lawsuit, with reference to the left-leaning outlet’s suggestion in a 2018 story that Bongino was fired from the pro-gun organization’s media wing. Bongino called the story “patently false.”

“I have been in an ongoing battle for a long time now with fake news media people that just report blatantly false things about me. It gets old, folks, really old. It’s been personally exhausting,” he said of the situation.

“It’s not a crybaby snowflake thing, it’s my fight. We all have our own fights, but The Daily Beast, a while back, wrote a story about me,” Bongino explained. “They wrote a story about me that was patently false.”

Daily Beast reporter Lachlan Markay wrote in the story that Bongino was “dropped” from NRATV, which he claimed was a “euphemism for being fired,” which Bongino vehemently denied.

Before filing the lawsuit, Bongino reported that he gave the outlet ample time and chances to correct what he said was false reporting, reaching out to them several times in the process.

“I gave them the opportunity multiple times, asked them on Twitter to correct it — they refused,” he added. “I gave them an opportunity via text recently to correct it. They refused. We are suing The Daily Beast for $15 million.”

Bongino said the situation elevated to the point where the only recourse he had, in order to “make them pay” was by filing the multi-million dollar lawsuit against them. The lawsuit was filed in the Southern District of Florida.

The lawsuit complaint also stated that The Daily Beast “promotes its left-wing ideology and agendas via its website and social media” and has “long-standing animus and ill-will” aimed at Bongino.

What are your thoughts on Bongino’s huge lawsuit against the liberal news outlet? Good idea? Let us know in the comments below and vote on our daily poll, too!


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