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California City Council Defies Gavin Newsom, Decides To Keep Their Beaches Open

This weekend, California beaches were bum-rushed by thousands of quarantined residents amid a heat-wave that swung through the state.

While Governor Gavin Newsom said the open beaches were “example of what not to see,” Newport Beach’s city council had other ideas in mind.

After a long day of hearing from townspeople about the pros and cons of keeping the now-viral beaches open, the council decided to let Californian’s run free despite federal guidelines and pressure from the governor.

“Obviously this is a very serious issue and we have to stay ahead of it,” said Newport Beach city council member Kevin Muldoon. “But it’s no cause for panic to close our beaches, to be afraid of others especially if they keep their distance.”

Additionally, hundreds of locals emailed the council with their input, with a majority in favor of letting the beaches remain open.

Newsom was not happy with the decision, saying that the virus will continue to run rampant.

“The virus is as transmittable as it’s ever been. … It is ubiquitous, it is invisible, and it remains deadly. Ask the 45 families who lost a loved one in the last 48 hours,” Newsom said, according to The Hill.

Some states are already looking at opening businesses up again, particularly Georgia and Texas. They have various phases that will unlock when the virus numbers fall to a certain threshold.


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