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2020 Election

Tucker Carlson Makes Eye-Opening Prediction About Michelle Obama and the 2020 Race

Fox News host Tucker Carlson raised eyebrows after raising the real possibility that the 2020 Democratic presidential candidate field could see at least one more entry — one that would absolutely shake up the entire race as we know it.

According to Daily Caller, Carlson suggested that former first lady Michelle Obama might still be eyeing up a White House run in 2020, which out of all candidates currently in the race — she would likely be the one to watch, as she has several positives going for her, including obvious name recognition and the fact that like or her not, she’s the beloved wife of the Democratic party’s most popular politician in modern history.

“If you are wondering who the democratic nominee will be, don’t bet against Michelle Obama,” Tucker said on his Monday night show.

Carlson highlighted a number of reasons why he believes Michelle Obama could very well enter the race soon.

“For example, David Axelrod who is one of the Obama’s closest and most loyal advisors has been raising a scorched Earth campaign against Joe Biden for months. He has called [Biden] a liar, a coward, all but accused him of having dementia. Would David Axelrod being doing all of that without the consent of the Obamas? No,” Tucker said.

Carlson also brought up the purple, two-ton gorilla in the room — why hasn’t former President Barack Obama endorsed his former vice president, especially in such a large field of candidates where everyone needs an edge to stand out and claim front-runner status?

“If Obama had endorsed Joe Biden the race would be over. Biden would in effect be the nominee already. Obama hasn’t endorsed Joe Biden because he doesn’t want to endorse Joe Biden,” Carlson stated.

The Fox News host also pointed out the timing of Michelle Obama’s recent book, which would put her in the public speaking circuit right at the same time she would be required to start shaking hands and kissing babies for the 2020 election.

“Maybe it’s also a coincidence that Michelle Obama just released yet another book last week, one that will require her, of course, to get on the road and talk to crowds,” Carlson pointed out.

If she were to run, Biden could obviously kiss Barack Obama’s endorsement goodbye and since Michelle Obama is “the most admired woman in the world” according to mainstream media outlets, she will likely disrupt the race in a major way should she decide to enter.


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