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2020 Election

Chris Matthews Admits President Trump Will Probably Win His 2020 Re-Election Bid

President Donald Trump’s odds for securing a re-election victory later this year are looking good, according to MSNBC’s Chris Matthews.

And that’s saying something, as the liberal-leaning host has recently compared Trump’s speeches and agenda to that of Adolf Hitler.

Yet, it appears he’s seeing the writing on the wall.

“There’s so many things moving right now in Trump’s direction,” Matthews told a panel of pundits on Thursday. “The latest RealClearPolitics numbers on him are moving up. I don’t know why, exactly, but there’s something that makes people — if I’m a Republican, I’m saying, ‘Damn it, there’s only one party, it’s called the ‘Trump Party,’ and I’ve got to live there.”

Matthews noted that states like Pennsylvania are seeing incredibly-high Republican registration rates, which will help Trump continue to tear down the “blue wall” like he did in 2016.

“I’ve talked to somebody about Pennsylvania who knows exactly about Pennsylvania … Registration is going through the roof up there with Republicans,” Matthews said. “And there’s issues like fracking, which will kill at least two of the Democratic candidates up there.”

He also claimed that the lack of excitement surrounding the remaining slate of Democratic presidential candidates is providing a boost to president’s high poll numbers and approval ratings.

“Maybe they don’t have a candidate that thrills them,” Matthews said. “That could be it — thrills them like Hillary did for a lot of people, like Barack Obama certainly did. Maybe that’s it. Nobody’s thrilling them.”



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