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Chris Matthews Compares Trump To Hitler, Says President Is ‘Like An Eight-Year-Old’

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews has never been a fan of President Donald Trump — and his latest remarks prove just that.

On Friday, during a “Hardball,” Matthews tore into Trump, likening him to a “Hitler” character often seen in movies that is always “trashing the generals.”

The attack by Matthews comes after Washington Post reporters Carol Leonnig and Philip Rucker released a new book, entitled “A Very Stable Genius,” which claims Trump bashed his own military leaders as “a bunch of dopes and babies” at one point.

“What do you think of the scene. A big room. It’s called the tank, where the top joint chiefs meet to have their most critical discussions, and he uses it for dressing down of all of them — everyone in the room as losers,” Matthews said about Trump. “It seems like — I hate to make the Hitler connection, but it looks like movies where you see the guy trashing the generals because they’re losing the war. It seems like an eight-year-old talking to the grownups.”

This isn’ t the first time Matthews has attacked the president with a Hitler reference.

In 2017, after Trump’s inaugural address, Matthews chided the president’s use of his popular “America First” slogan.

“He said today ‘America first,’” Matthews remarked after the inauguration. “It was not just the racial — I shouldn’t say racial, I should say Hitlerian — background to it. The message I keep thinking is: What does [U.K. prime minister] Theresa May think of this when she picks up the paper and says, ‘Oh my God, what did he just say? He said America first. What happened to the special relationship?’ What if you’re Putin? You’re probably pounding the table, saying, ‘That’s what I’ve been saying! Russia first!’”



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