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Governor To Award Rare ‘Medal Of Courage’ To Texas Church Shooting Hero

In December, firearms instructor and West Freeway Church parishioner Jack Wilson saved numerous lives after taking out a church gunman with his trusty sidearm.

And on Monday, Governor Greg Abbott will be presenting the highly-esteemed Medal Of Courage to Wilson.

‘I will present the Governor’s Medal of Courage to the man who stopped a gunman in a deadly shooting at a church in North Texas. It is the highest award given to civilians by the Governor,’ Abbot said on Twitter.

The gunman Wilson stopped was Keith Thomas Kinnunen, an individual who frequently visited the church for help. The church had given him food numerous times.

However, on December 29, Kinnunen raised suspicious amongst Wilson and his deacon counterparts when he was spotted wearing a trench coat, fake beard, glasses, and a wig.

During the service, while chatting with another church goer, Kinnunen pulled out a short barrel shotgun and killed the man. This prompted multiple guns to be drawn from individuals in the congregation with Wilson shooting first, putting a bullet right in the head of Kinnunen, neutralizing him immediately.

All in all, it took just six seconds for Wilson to save countless lives.

In an interview with Fox News, Wilson said: “I was standing to Richard’s right about 6ft. [Kinnunen] shot Richard and shot Tony Wallace, at that point I didn’t have a clear shot.”

“I finally got it about a second later,” he said. “I took the shot, the shooter went down. I went over to cover, pulled the shotgun away from his body. Then other people in the church who are part of the security team came forward in case he tried to get up, which he did not.”

What do you think of Abbott presenting this prestigious award to Jack Wilson? Let us know in the comments and be sure to vote in our daily poll below.


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