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Climate Change Activist Elizabeth Warren Hides Face From Camera After Getting Off Private Jet

Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren appears to be putting aside her urgent climate change demands and statements for a little bit more of the good life.

On Tuesday — in the midst of a hectic Iowa Caucus that saw numerous delays, coin-toss tiebreakers, and technical shenanigans — the Massachusetts senator was avoiding cameras like the plague as she got off her private jet, surrounded by staffers.

And she did that by hiding behind those very staffers, blocking herself from the camera.


In September, Warren sounded the alarm on the climate change issues, saying that “life on Earth is at risk” because of CO2 emissions.

“Life on Earth is at risk, and if we don’t make this commitment [to stop climate change], we not only cheat our children, we cheat their future and their children’s future, and that is morally wrong. We have to be all the way in.”

Looks like Warren will save being “all the way in” for another day.


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