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CNN Anchor Actually Calls Out Dem Lawmaker For Pushing Wildly Bizarre Trump Conspiracy On-Air

It’s not often that CNN takes a step back to question Democratic lawmakers on their thoughts about President Donald Trump and what they claim are ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin, but that’s exactly what happened on Friday after Rep. Norma Torres seemingly took things a little too far.

According to The Daily Wire, Torres claimed that Putin engaged in some level of blackmail with Trump, without offering any actual proof, whatsoever. The claim was so strange that CNN’s Brianna Keilar questioned the Democratic lawmaker on her remarks.

After discussing what they claim could have been Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, Keilar asked Torres why she believes Putin was allegedly able to wield such influence over the president.

“I am afraid that Vladimir Putin may have something on the president, and it is the reason why the president has continued to play the handmaid to Vladimir Putin, inviting him to the White House and opening the doors and not having any advisers present, taking the notes from the interpreter and continuing to talk to him and continuing to parrot everything that he tells him,” Torres responded.

That’s when Keilar put on her journalism hat and decided to call out Torres’ completely unfounded and wild claim that Putin is somehow blackmailing the United States president.

“You said you think that Putin may have something, meaning compromising information – Kompromat, as it’s said in Russia – on President Trump? Do you have proof of that?” Keilar pressed. “Is there something specific that you’re thinking of when you say that?”

Of course, Torres had nothing substantive to respond with, other than more unfounded accusations concerning Trump and Putin.

“Well, there is no other reason why President Trump continues to capitulate to what Putin is telling him. He doesn’t do that with anyone else.”

You can watch the full exchange between the two below.

Do you think Torres should be allowed to make such conspiracy claims on television without consequence? Let us know in the comments below!



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