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CNN Hosts Predict Impeachment Doom, Claim Democrats ‘Look Like They’re In Trouble’

As President Donald Trump’s legal team prepares to wrap up what could be the final end to the drawn-out impeachment inquiry and subsequent Senate impeachment trial, even CNN’s leading primetime hosts are predicting that the outcome won’t be favorable to the Democratic party.

According to The Washington Examiner, hosts Wolf Blitzer and Jake Tapper discussed the ongoing, hour-by-hour developments in the trial, dialing in on the issue of whether or not a vote will be passed to call in witnesses for the trial — which would likely extend the trial for some time.

“They need four Republicans,” Blitzer said Thursday with regard to the number of votes Democrats need to call witnesses. “Right now, the Democrats look like they’re in trouble.”

CNN host Jake Tapper agreed with Blitzer, replying “They sure do.”

Democrats have argued for days to persuade senators to consider calling in witnesses for Trump’s impeachment trial — especially former national security adviser John Bolton, who wrote in his upcoming book that the president asked him to withhold the U.S. military aid package for Ukraine in exchange for the country opening an investigation into Joe Biden and Hunter Biden.

A vast majority of Republican senators have continually shot down the idea, with a few exceptions such as Sen. Mitt Romney and Sen. Lisa Murkowski. Democrats, at one point, seemed to have enough Republican votes (they only need four Republicans to break with the party) to pass a vote for calling witnesses.

But as the trial continued, Murkowski’s recent meeting with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell garnered speculation that she wasn’t on board with Democrats and that Republicans will have enough votes to successfully “kill” the witness vote.

However, should the vote to call witnesses pass, several high-profile GOP senators, such as Sen. Rand Paul, have promised to call Hunter Biden to the stand. He, and others, have also signaled that they will attempt to call the anonymous whistleblower as a witness.


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