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Ryan Ledendecker

--Founder/Chief Editor-- With nearly a decade of experience in online news publishing, Ryan focuses on covering U.S. politics, breaking news events and world news. When he's not writing about the latest happenings, you can usually find him outdoors manning the BBQ pit.

Republican Matt Gaetz Wears Gas Mask On House Floor To Support Coronavirus Funding Bill

Mike Bloomberg Drops Out Of 2020 Race After Dismal Super Tuesday, Endorses Biden

Social Media Roasts Mike Bloomberg After ‘Disgusting’ Finger-Licking Video Emerges

Joe Biden Botches Quote From Declaration Of Independence During Texas Rally

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Announces Potential Run For Office

Isa Cox

Isabella Cox is a freelance writer, homeschool mama, and a hopeless political junkie. She loves following current events, media trends, and looking for the under-reported stories you normally may not catch. When she's not buried in her laptop, she's out in the woods with her husband, children, and dogs.

Schumer Pivots From Trump, Attacks Fox News During Senate Impeachment Trial

Group Of 21 Attorneys General Band Together, Rebuke Donald Trump’s Impeachment

Donald Trump Reacts To Greta Thunberg’s Anti-US Climate Change Speech

Majority Of Americans Do Not Want Donald Trump Impeached And Removed, New Poll Says

Texas Church Hero On Mass Shootings: ‘It’s Not A Firearms Issue, It’s A Person Issue’


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