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Coronavirus Cases Confirmed In 2 New States; Bringing U.S. Infection Total To 5

Coronavirus, which is causing levels of alarm in China that haven’t been witnessed since the deadly SARS outbreak, is creeping its way across the world and the United States now has two new states with confirmed cases, including California and Arizona.

The virus has resulted in the quarantine of over 50 million Chinese citizens in various Chinese cities, with Wuhan thought to be the epicenter of the outbreak. Though death tolls and infection numbers vary across media outlets, Chinese State media has reported over 80 deaths and thousands of confirmed cases.

According to Associated Press, the new cases in the United States were confirmed in people who had traveled to the Wuhan area recently and came back.

“The U.S. has five confirmed cases of the new virus from China, all among people who traveled to the city at the center of the outbreak, health officials said Sunday.”

“Two new cases were reported Sunday — one in Los Angeles County in California and the other in Maricopa County, Arizona,” AP added. The patients were being kept in isolation either at home or in the hospital.

Earlier confirmed cases of Coronavirus in the United States were reported in Washington state and Chicago, Illinois.

On Sunday, the United States Consulate in Wuhan announced a private flight to evacuate personnel and private citizens. Travel bans are growing increasingly more strict by the day as Chinese and world governments hope to contain the virus before it becomes worse.

According to Reuters, coronavirus appears to be “strengthening” as it spreads. The incubation period for the virus is between 1-14 days and it was recently discovered that patients infected can potentially spread the virus before presenting with symptoms, making containment even more difficult.



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