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Coronavirus Suffers Major Blow As U.S. Man That Contracted Disease Officially Leaves Hospital

For the first time since Coronavirus’ inception late last year, where it originated in Wuhan, China, the disease has suffered a major blow at the hands of U.S. medical experts.

According to a breaking report by the Associated Press, the first individual who contracted the virus earlier this month — a 35-year-old male — has officially left the hospital where he was being treated.

“I am at home and continuing to get better,” the man said in a statement, according to AP. “I ask that the media please respect my privacy and my desire not to be in the public eye.”

He continued:“I appreciate all of the concern expressed by members of the public, and I look forward to returning to my normal life.”

While the hospital he was released from — Providence Regional Medical Center in Everett, Washington — didn’t provide any additional details as to the process of him being discharged, they noted that the man’s condition is still be looked after as he makes his recovery.

He was in the hospital for nearly two weeks, being admitted to the medical facility on January 20.

This is a breaking news story. We will continue updates as more information comes out.


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