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Creators Of ‘Homosexual Jesus’ Netflix Special Get Attacked By Molotov Cocktails

The headquarters of a Brazilian comedy group who generated a high level of controversy after creating a special for Netflix in which Jesus Christ is depicted as a gay man, was attacked by angry, firebomb-wielding protesters on Christmas Eve.

According to Mediaite, the group responsible for the film, Porta dos Fundos, have endured harsh backlash over the depiction of a homosexual Jesus, primarily in their home country of Brazil — a country with roughly a 90 percent Christian population.

The resulting fire after the attack was reportedly extinguished by security officers on site and while nobody was reported injured, the group said that the attack “endangered several innocent lives in the company and on the street.”

The group also put out an official statement on Twitter following the molotov cocktail bombing, which set fire to their headquarters.

“Porta dos Fundos condemns any act of violence and has made the security camera images available to the authorities and expects those responsible for the attacks to be found and punished,” the tweet read.

“We will move on, more united, stronger, more inspired and confident that the country will survive this storm of hatred and love will prevail alongside freedom of speech.”

The film, which is titled The First Temptation of Christ, hosted by Netflix, tells a story of Jesus returning home to find that Mary and Joseph have thrown him a surprise birthday party. The film’s source of controversy revolves around the numerous instances of innuendo which suggests Jesus is gay, as he comes home with a partner or supposed boyfriend named Orlando.

A petition to ban the film from being shown has garnered massive interest, already gathering 2.3 million signatures.

Let us know what you think about a film that depicts Jesus as a gay man in the comments below.



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