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Massive Crowd Bursts Into Cheers When President Trump Is Introduced At Army Vs. Navy Game

On Saturday during the annual Army vs. Navy college football game event, President Donald Trump, the Commander in Chief of the U.S. Armed Forces, was in attendance to conduct the pre-game coin-flip.

According to The Daily Caller, as the referees introduced the president, those in attendance immediately erupted into cheers, which you can watch in the video below.

“Good afternoon and being with, special guests, dignitaries, captains, please introduce yourselves,” the referee said to introduce the coin toss.

“We’re gathered here for the coin toss with great pride and honor to welcome our commander-in-chief, president of the United States, President Donald J. Trump,” to which the crowd cheered.

“Mr. President, thank you what you do, for all the good you do for our country,” the referee added, which garnered nods of approval from the various team captains present for the flipping of the coin.

Adding to the excitement of the afternoon, it was also reported that Trump signed an executive order that would allow all athletes who play for various U.S. service academies to be signed with professional sports teams after their college career, instead of heading straight into the service, which officers high-level players a chance to pursue both dreams.

Trump’s warm reception at the annual game was in stark contrast to what he recently experienced at a Washington Nationals game. Crowds there apparently booed the president and even briefly broke into a chant of “lock him up.”


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