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Ted Cruz Reminds Dems That Trump’s Impeachment Is Unconstitutional, Calls it a ‘Total Partisan Circus’

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz had a quite a bit to say about House Democrats’ impeachment of President Donald Trump, pointing out that they let partisan hatred of the president get in the way of the one thing that means something — the U.S. Constitution.

According to Breitbart, Cruz spoke on the matter prior to addressing a massive crowd at the recent Turning Point USA conference held in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Cruz, a top Trump ally, highlighted the fact that Democrats somehow managed to impeach Trump without even presenting any articles that amounted to “high crimes or misdemeanors” as called for by the Founding Fathers.

“Never before in history has a president been impeached without even a single article alleging any criminal conduct — without an article alleging even any federal law was violated,” Cruz told a Breitbart reporter.

He also explained that the entire impeachment process was nothing more than a weak attempt to get back at Trump, presumably for beating former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election.

“What we’ve seen in the House has been a total partisan circus,” said Cruz. “It has been a one-sided show trial, and it has been a sad, sad time for the House of Representatives — this is an expression of partisan anger and hatred from House Democrats against the president.”

Cruz then reassured Trump supporters that once the impeachment articles reach the Senate, the president will finally be afforded a fair trial, also as prescribed in the Constitution.

“Now, thankfully, when it comes to the Senate, we’re going to see a very different proceeding,” Cruz explained. “We’re going to see a fair trial. We’re going to see a process that respects due process. That means both sides are going to have an opportunity to present their case.”

Doubling down on his attack on House Democrats, Cruz told Breitbart that Democrats have failed to carry out the impeachment process as the Framers intended.

“The Constitution requires that to impeach a president, you have to demonstrate high crimes and misdemeanors,” he said. “The House Democrats haven’t done that.”

Do you agree with Sen. Cruz that it’s all a partisan circus? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to vote on our daily poll below!


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