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Dear Congress, America Hates You Even More — End This Impeachment Now [Opinion]

As Democrats drag out yet another mind-numbingly boring day of an obvious dog and pony show on the Senate floor in a misguided attempt to convince a Republican-controlled chamber that President Donald Trump should be impeached and removed from the White House, Americans are growing increasingly sick and tired of this political charade.

I know, because I’m one of them. And literally EVERY person I’ve spoken with about it –political party aside — also feels the same way. I haven’t spoken with or read about even one single human being in this country who enjoys listening to politicians drone on, nonsensically, for 13 hours at a time. Comment after comment on news articles we write and publish tell the same story, day in and day out.

Let me be clear — I would normally never attempt to speak for anyone but myself, but I feel perfectly confident in speaking for a majority of this country when I say, Dear Congress: Enough is enough. 

First of all, even Democratic voters at home know that this impeachment trial isn’t going anywhere. Republican senators are not going to suddenly experience an “ah ha!” moment and decide to abandon their constituents, the party and the president and suddenly change their minds.

It’s not even a remote possibility. They like their jobs and they intend on keeping them come next election.

So, let me remind the Democratic senators and lawmakers — like House Manager Adam Schiff, Rep. Jerry Nadler and Sen. Chuck Schumer — that America already hates you.

They hate pretty much everyone in Congress — the polls clearly show it — because you rarely do the jobs that we elect you to do. It’s difficult enough to like you when it’s business as usual, but now that you’re wasting millions more in taxpayer money to drag America through what will inevitably turn out as a nothing-burger conclusion, now we hate you even more. 

To watch you go on and on for hours, regurgitating the highly-spun garbage that you’ve spewed for months on end, is not only embarrassing to watch, it’s also the most unconvincing attempt at accomplishing whatever you’re trying to accomplish. Nobody is buying it. 

We know you’re mad about 2016 and how Trump owned your all-but-guaranteed presidential candidate, but it’s over now. It’s time to let go. Live to fight another day and save whatever shred of likeability you might have left. You’ll need it.

The thought of watching you clog up the cable and broadcast networks with even another minute of your pointless drivel is enough to turn our collective stomachs and believe you me — we won’t forget this. Come election time, you’re going to regret this, big time.

So, for the love of America, let’s wrap this thing up and move on. The president has work to do, you have work to do and Americans have work to do.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and senate Republicans have the power to dismiss this stain on American history. Please, for our sanity, do it sooner than later.

Who’s with me?


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