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Pro-Impeachment Dem Viciously Booed By Constituents After Returning Home For Town Hall Event

Michigan Democratic Rep. Elissa Slotkin returned to her home district recently and made the unfortunate (for her) mistake of announcing that she will be voting in favor of impeaching President Donald Trump in the official House vote set to take place later this week.

But as The Daily Caller reported, what she didn’t expect was a swarm of pro-Trump constituents in her district showing up to her town hall to give her a loud and clear piece of their collective mind.

“Hey hey, ho ho, Elissa Slotkin’s got to go,” was just one of the chants that broke out during what Slotkin probably figured was going to be a rather tame and routine town hall event.

The gathering of pro-Trump voters brought their own signs to show Slotkin — signs that read “Impeach Slotkin, Keep Trump” among other phrases.

Slotkin was apparently undecided on whether or not she would vote in favor of impeachment and reportedly took the weekend to come to the decision that she would, in fact, join with her colleagues in voting to impeach the 45th president.

Obviously, that isn’t sitting well with constituents in her district, and Slotkin is one of many Democratic lawmakers who have returned home only to face intense backlash from voters who are clearly in disagreement with the entire impeachment process.

Here’s another clip of the voters erupting in “boos” and anger as Slotkin attempted to explain why she decided to vote for impeachment. 

Many of these lawmakers are up for re-election in 2020 and depending on how they vote this week, their pro-impeachment stance could end up politically backfiring in unprecedented fashion.

The issue is of such intensity that The Daily Caller reported that they contacted the offices of 31 House Democrats from districts won by Trump in 2016 to find out whether or not they’re planning on voting for or against impeachment in the coming week. Many of them reportedly are so hesitant to release any information that they’re refusing comment on the matter.


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