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Report: Democrat Rep. Abandoning Party, Will Join Republican Party To Support Trump

Rep. Jeff Van Drew stunned Capitol Hill on Saturday after reports surfaced that the Democrat is expected to switch party allegiance to the Republican side of the aisle based on his anti-impeachment stance.

According to Breitbart, Van Drew was one of only two Democrats to vote against President Donald Trump’s formal impeachment inquiry in the House, which grabbed some headlines at the time but was mostly under the radar given the gravity of the constant, related impeachment news.

Van Drew has taken a beating with his Democratic constituents in his home district over his reluctance and outright defiance to support the impeachment of the 45th president. The Washington Post even published a piece saying that the freshman lawmaker “lost the confidence of 58 percent of likely Democrat voters in his district.”

What apparently was the final straw to change Van Drew’s thinking on where he’s at politically was an actual meeting with the president on Friday. Presumably, with a bombshell public party switch, the lawmaker would secure Trump’s priceless endorsement come re-election time.

Whether Van Drew is doing it for himself and/or the good of the president, the announcement will mark a stunningly embarrassing blow to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who has already struggled during her time as Speaker to keep her house, so to speak, in order.

Many Democratic lawmakers have experienced backlash at home for supporting impeachment — 31 of those have to deal with backlash in districts that Trump won in 2016, making their decision on whether or not to support the Democrat-led impeachment of the president one of professional consequence.

The New Jersey Globe broke the news of Van Drew’s likely switch, reporting that he’s already informed staffers and his campaign staff that he’s going to make the switch.

Do you think it’s wise of Van Drew to switch sides and stand firm on his belief that impeaching the president isn’t the right move for the country? Drop a comment below and let us know what you think.


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