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Democrat Breaks Rank With Party, Votes Against Sending Trump’s Impeachment Articles To Senate

On Wednesday, the Democrat-led House voted on whether or not to send the two articles of impeachment facing President Donald Trump to the Senate for the trial phase of the impeachment process.

According to NBC News, the House voted in favor, 228-193, to formally transmit the articles of impeachment. However, Minnesota Rep. Collin Peterson once again broke with his party and voted against the measure, making him the sole Democrat to do so.

Peterson was also one of three Democrats who broke with the party last month when the House formally voted on the two articles of impeachment against the president, which included one for obstruction of Congress and another for abuse of power.

The resolution passed on Wednesday also named seven House “managers” who will oversee the Senate portion of the trial from the Democratic side. The names included a number of high-profile House Democrats, including Rep. Jerry Nadler, Rep. Adam Schiff (lead manager), Rep. Hakeem Jeffries, Rep. Jason Crow, Rep. Zoe Lofgren, Rep. Val Demings and Rep. Sylvia Garcia.

The House manager team is made up of a variety of different backgrounds, from legal to law enforcement.

Pelosi took the stand at a news conference following the vote, reiterating that that she won’t stand for foreign election interference of any type.

“This is about the Constitution of the United States and it’s important for the president to know and Putin to know that American voters β€” voters in America β€” should decide who our president is,” Pelosi said.

President Trump posted several tweets around the same time Pelosi held her conference and blasted the entire ordeal as a “con job.”

“Here we go again, another Con Job by the Do Nothing Democrats. All of this work was supposed to be done by the House, not the Senate!” Trump tweeted.

The two parties are still at odds over whether or not witnesses will be called during the impeachment trial. As previously reported by Daily Sounder, Sen. Rand Paul threatened to force a vote to call Hunter Biden to testify if GOP Senators agree to let Democrats call witnesses.

Sen. Mitch McConnell signaled on Wednesday that the impeachment trial should officially kick-off on Tuesday, January 21.


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