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Democrat Caught Watching Golf On Computer During Live Impeachment Hearing

President Donald Trump’s ongoing impeachment inquiry, which is still being processed in the Democrat-led House of Representatives, seems to be something of a bore for some of the Democratic lawmakers in attendance, especially the one who was caught watching footage of the President’s Club golf tournament on Tuesday evening.

According to Daily Caller, Democratic Rep. Cedric Richmond was caught red-handed when GOP Rapid Response Director Steve Guest dialed in on the lawmaker watching the tournament instead of focusing on impeachment-related business, as most people would reasonably expect he would be doing.

“What on earth is Democrat Rep. Cedric Richmond watching on his laptop during this impeachment markup?” Guest tweeted. “To me, it looks like Rep. Richmond is watching the President’s Cup golf tournament. Richmond’s actions are a DISGRACE.”

To make sure it was, in fact, the golf tournament that Richmond was watching instead of listening to evidence in the ongoing impeachment investigation, which was being conducted by the House Judiciary Committee on that evening, Guest posted a zoomed-in picture of Richmond’s actions.

The video received a lot of feedback on Twitter, with many teasing Richmond about getting caught goofing off instead of conducting business, while others praising him for doing something other than watching what they called a “sham” impeachment, implying that it was such a waste of time that even Democrats were tuning out.

GOP Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel echoed that feeling in a tweet of her own.

“Democrats on Nadler’s Committee are so “solemn” and “prayerful” about impeachment that they’re watching golf at the hearing. This partisan sham has been an absolute waste of the American people’s time,” McDaniel wrote.

The House is expected to take a formal vote within the next week on whether or not to send the impeachment inquiry to the U.S. Senate.


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