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Democrat Impeachment Speeches Get Lower Ratings Than Daytime Soap Operas

The Senate impeachment trial of President Donald Trump left most of America’s daytime television viewers bored out of their minds, if one goes by the recently released ratings.

According to a graphic flashed on Fox News on Saturday, daytime soap operas — which aren’t exactly ratings hits — outscored the live airing of Democrats making their case against the president in the Senate impeachment trial by quite a lot.

Soaps across multiple networks easily outscored the stunningly long arguments made by Democratic House Managers as they attempted to make their case against Trump.

The disparity in numbers for some of the match-ups was wide. CBS’ The Young & The Restless managed to outscore the second day of the Senate impeachment trial by more than 100 percent.

The numbers garnered by the live coverage of the Senate impeachment trial presumably fell far short of what networks were hoping and if social media comments are any guide, it’s easy to see why so many tuned out — the overarching message that social media users on both sides of the political aisle agreed on was that the trial was a complete bore.

Republicans opened up Saturday by stating their case in defense of the president, which only last a few hours — compared to the dozens of hours taken by House Managers when they presented the case to the Senate and Americans in a three-day stretch.



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