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Democrat Voter Calls CSPAN Radio Show: ‘I’m Going To Back Donald Trump All The Way!’

On Friday, a Democrat voter from Alabama called into CSPAN’s program and made a stunning pledge of support for President Donald Trump.

“After watching the Brett Kavanaugh hearings, that was the most disgusting thing I’ve seen,” the caller, named Jason, stated. “And now we have this impeachment crap.”

“My party has now made me a Democrat for Trump. I’m going to back Donald Trump all the way,” he said.

Watch the incredible admission:

Many of the comments are extremely positive on the Trump War Room twitter feed, with some saying that the #WalkAway movement — as quiet as it has been publicly in the last year — is still booming and people are being converted every single day.

“#WalkAway will keep growing!!” one said.

Another said, “[You’re] one of millions. Make no mistake about that.”

One even shared his own story: “I too am a registered Democrat but can not vote for any one they are bringing forward. impeachment is not what they were elected to do. they were elected to work together for the betterment of all AMERICANS.”

With President Trump in office, the Democrats have seemed to enjoyed hosting circuses and clown fiestas in the halls of Congress — and the Kavanaugh hearings, as mentioned by caller Jason, was definitely one of those.

The “impeachment crap” would be another, as Democrats are weaponizing articles of impeachment and wielding it against a president they have demanded be impeached since the day he was inaugurated.

Let us know what you think of Jason calling in to support President Trump? Let us know in the comments below and share this story on Facebook and Twitter.


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