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Dems Claimed Impeachment Is ‘Sad’ Day… Viral Video Shows Pelosi Keeping Dems From Cheering

As the House of Representatives finished an entire day of debating the two articles of impeachment brought against President Donald Trump, Democrats stated before the debacle that impeachment was a sad, somber, and dark day for America. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi even echoed the statement, claiming she “feels sad” about taking an impeachment vote.

But as Republican House leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy pointed out after members took the vote and passed both articles of impeachment, Democrats vigorously cheered and their side of the aisle was all smiles and laughter.

As a matter of fact, the cheering was so prevalent that video footage of Pelosi went viral after she was seen giving a motion to silence her party from erupting in applause and cheers as she announced that both articles of impeachment had been formally passed.

Pelosi was apparently so upset about Trump’s impeachment that she made headlines earlier Wednesday after showing up to the event in an all-black funeral outfit.

All Republicans in the House voted against both articles impeachment, staying united with the president and the party. In contrast, which will likely go mostly-unreported by much of the mainstream media, three Democrats broke with their party and voted against Trump’s impeachment.

The matter will now be sent to the Republican-controlled U.S. Senate where it will inevitably be dismissed or result in the quick exoneration of the president.

Do you believe Democrats are hypocrites for claiming it was a ‘somber’ day but then cheering after the vote passed? Let us know in the comments. Also, don’t forget to vote in our daily poll below!


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