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Report: Group Of Dems Are Considering A ‘Witness Swap’ — Hunter Biden For John Bolton

As the first day of President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial played out with a number of fiery arguments between parties, the question of whether or not witnesses will be called on either side is still what everyone on Capitol Hill and across America are waiting on the edge of their seats to find out.

According to a report from MSN, a small number of Democrats are now considering swapping Republicans’ number one most-desired witness, Hunter Biden, in exchange for the witness they’d most like to see take the stand, former national security adviser John Bolton.

The possibility of both witnesses is being reported as a potential “witness swap” and was also described by experts as an “unusual” move, should it actually take place.

The idea that Democrats would entertain the idea allowing Republicans to call Biden to the stand is, until the past few hours, nothing short of a long-shot. Democrats from both the House and the Senate have repeatedly dismissed the idea, even going as far as calling it needless and claiming that Biden would have nothing to offer in the way of testimony in Trump’s impeachment.

Republicans, however, argue that Biden’s testimony could be devastating for Democrats, since he was a number one figure in the Ukraine controversy, given his position with Burisma while his father, Joe Biden, was vice president of the United States.

Democrats who are discussing the possibility of a trade presumably believe that securing Bolton’s testimony is worth the possible fallout from allowing Hunter or even Joe Biden to testify, given that the former national security adviser likely has a level of information that none of the other witnesses Democrats have interviewed possess.

But as MSN reported, the Democrats considering the witness swap idea believe that possibly putting one of the Bidens on the stand could give the party a chance to further their accusations against Republicans that Trump was, in fact, trying to obtain information on Joe Biden during his July 25 phone call with the Ukrainian president.

“I can’t imagine a person more comfortable in the well of the Senate than a man who spent 36 years here as a United States senator,’ Democratic Sen. Chris Coons said of the idea of Joe Biden testifying.

“Whether I’d make a trade or not, I’d have to think about it, but the question is then: well how does that get us more information about the charges that have been put forth?,” Democratic Sen. John Tester said.

As of this writing, there is no further information that would suggest a witness swap will take place, though it was hinted that there have already been talks about negotiating such a deal with Republican senators.


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