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Dershowitz Refutes Pelosi: After Acquittal, Trump Will Have Never Been Impeached

Early in January, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said that President Donald Trump has “been impeached forever,” stating that he “can never erase that.”

But legal scholar Alan Dershowitz, who played a large role on Trump’s defense team, says Pelosi’s claim is dead wrong.

“Nancy Pelosi has now pulled a real sharp one. She says even if he’s acquitted and vindicated, he’s still impeached. He’s going to have that label forever. That should not be how it is. Why? He didn’t have a fair trial,” Dershowitz said during a Fox News interview with Hannity.

“He was indicted. And what happens after a person is acquitted after indictment? The indictment disappears,” he said. “If he wins this, I think nobody should regard him as having been impeached.”


According to Axios, the president wasn’t going to enjoy having the impeachment hang over his head, saying that it’s a “bad thing to have on your resume.”

House Speaker Pelosi sat on the impeachment articles for over a month, withholding them from Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell in an unprecedented stall. She justified her tactics by saying Democrats would not be given a “fair” shake in the trial.

Now, with the trial coming to a close after the vote for additional witnesses was shot down by Republicans, it appears Trump will be acquitted by Wednesday of next week.


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