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Deval Patrick Officially Announces He’ll Make A Run For The Presidency

Deval Patrick enters the 2020 presidential race.

Former Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick, amid recent rumors that he planned on entering the 2020 presidential race, made it official on Thursday with the announcement that does, in fact, plan to make a play for the White House come November 2020.

According to Daily Wire, he told CBS This Morning that he plans to “reach for the best of America. Not just the best of our party, not just the best of our supporters, but the best of America, and that’s going to come from a whole lot of people who have checked out and have felt, I think rightly, left out and left back. What we want to do is bring them back in.”

Patrick is a much more moderate choice for Democrats, as opposed to Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who stays in the progressive lane of the 2020 Democratic candidate field.

Patrick, for instance, doesn’t support Medicare for All, and prefers to let Americans have the right to choose their health care coverage, unlike Warren who wants to completely do away with private health insurers and provide the U.S. government full control over the matter.

Patrick’s moderate policies line up closely with those of South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg, who also believes Americans should be able to choose their own health coverage, especially if they’re happy with what they currently have.

He also differs from Warren on the subject of wealth. Warren tends to demonize those who are millionaires and especially billionaires, but Patrick has a different approach, saying he doesn’t believe “wealth is a problem,” and that “we want to encourage people to aspire, just like I have, to lift themselves and their families out of poverty and move into the middle class and beyond.”

Patrick will face a mounting challenge in order to meet the qualifications to appear on future Democratic debate stages.



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