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President Trump Acquitted, Democrats Fail To Remove Him From Office

The long impeachment of President Donald Trump came to an official end on Wednesday after the Senate successfully passed a vote to acquit the president on all impeachment charges, effectively putting to rest any notion that the president is guilty of any of the crimes perceived by the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives.

The final tally on the first article of impeachment was 52 votes “not guilty” and 48 votes “guilty.”

The final tally on the second article of impeachment was 53 votes “not guilty” and 47 votes “guilty.”

The vote came after Senate Minority leader Chuck Schumer made a final plea to the upper chamber to vote to remove the president from office while taking a number of shots at the Republican party. He also insisted that the Senate trial was not a real trial and slammed GOP senators for refusing to allow witnesses and further documents to be called and presented.

Sen. Mitt Romney sided with Democrats with a vote of “guilty” on the first article of impeachment, but voted “not guilty” on the second article of impeachment.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell spoke immediately after Schumer, rebuking his colleagues’ criticisms of the impeachment trial while calling out House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for suggesting that a Senate acquittal would not be valid.

McConnell also took a jab at Pelosi’s tearing up of the president’s State of the Union speech on Tuesday night, asking rhetorically if she plans on tearing up the official acquittal verdict that was issued by the Senate.



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