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Elizabeth Warren Places Blame On President Trump For Deadly Coronavirus Outbreak

As the deadly Wuhan, China-originated Coronavirus continues to spread around Asia and the rest of the world, with a growing body count to boot, 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren seemingly used the emergency situation to take a jab at President Donald Trump.

According to The Washington Examiner, Warren blamed Trump for the outbreak of the virus by claiming he attempted to cut funds that Congress designated to prevent the spread of such diseases. She also seized the moment to explain how she would handle such global, deadly events, if she wins the White House in November.

“After Ebola, Congress invested to prevent pandemics like coronavirus,” Warren recently said. “Donald Trump tried to cut that funding. As president, I’ll fully fund global health security, research on medical countermeasures, and public health capacity at home to keep us safe and healthy.”

Wuhan is thought to be the epicenter of the deadly virus outbreak. While the reported number of deaths and sicknesses continue to rise, there seems to be a disparity in the numbers depending on who is reporting it, as the Chinese government isn’t as information-friendly as other countries would be during such an event.

Many on social media have accused the Chinese government of engaging in a large-scale cover-up with regard to the number of fatalities that Coronavirus has already caused, with many claiming the numbers are significantly higher than what’s being reported. The conspiracy, while popular, hasn’t been proven at this point.

The United States has already confirmed at least two cases of the deadly virus — the first one in Washington state and the second in a person in Chicago, Illinois.




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