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Fox Rejects Pro-Life Commercial For Super Bowl, Petition To Show It Hits 45,000 Signatures

The Super Bowl commercials this year could be a marked change from previous years with national ad spots from presidential candidates and President Donald Trump himself. But on the issue of surviving abortion, it doesn’t appear as if Fox network wants to go down that road.

According to Christian Post, a 30-second spot that features people saved from abortion has been repeatedly rejected by the network, even going as far to claim there were no ad spots left available for purchase, though that reportedly isn’t true.

Fox’s decision to ban the ad, while showing ads about drag queens without issue, has angered tens of thousands of people and groups around the country. A petition started by a group known as My Faith Votes, has garnered over 44,000 signatures, as of this writing, demanding the network be fair and show the ad.

The commercial was assembled by a group called Faces Of Choice, who say they have struggled to convince Fox to show the advertisement during the most highly-viewed program on the airwaves in any given year — the Super Bowl. The group aims to raise awareness of the thousands of Americans who have survived abortion attempts and went on to live full, healthy lives.

The groups insists that in the ad, they never even utter the word “abortion,” presumably in an attempt to convince Fox to air the ad. But executives at the network haven’t budged and reportedly told the group they there are no longer any available ad spots, though that claim is reportedly untrue.

“But we discovered that’s not true,” the petition states. “There are ads spots still available.”

You can watch the full ad below:


A spokesperson for Fox said that the network was “unable to accommodate” Faces of Choice and other advertisers because they “sold out at a record pace this year, though it was widely reported recently that a number of ad slots were made available for “sponsors that have been longtime supporters of the NFL and Fox Sports.”

In the commercial, the camera zeroes in on the faces of the abortion survivors, with the survivors asking the camera “Can you tell me that I didn’t deserve to survive?”

Jason Yates, the CEO of My Faith Votes, weighed in on the matter, pointing out that network executives haven’t had a problem running ads about other sensitive, high-impact issues in the past.

“If you look at Super Bowls of recent past, important social conversations have been taking place in commercials — issues of immigration, the #MeToo movement, commercials by Coca-Cola talking about transgenderism,” Yates said. “The Super Bowl is a national stage used to talk about important issues. We believe that this an important conversation that needs to take place.”

The Super Bowl will air on Sunday, February 2.


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