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General Rebukes Dem Senator On Live TV Over Iran Strikes: ‘Why Don’t You Just Be Quiet?’

Retired Maj. General James “Spider” Marks had some choice words for critics of President Donald Trump’s airstrikes, which killed top Iran military leader Qasem Soleimani.

He just wants them to shut up.

On CNN’s New Day, Marks responded to Democrat Sen. Chris Murphy, who claimed that the round of airstrikes could spark a “massive regional war” without approval from congress.

“What I would say to Senator Murphy is, why don’t you just be quiet?” Marks said, causing laughter from CNN anchors off screen. “Look, when has Iran ever demonstrated self-restraint? I mean, that’s the question I have. So is the world more dangerous today? Maybe it’s more dangerous. But when has it not been dangerous? When have we not been a target of a regime like exists in Tehran? I mean, it happens as a matter of routine.”

Additionally, Marks said Soleimani was “amazingly brazen” to visit Baghdad in the wake of the U.S. embassy attack.

“I’m certain what happened was… the president made the determination ‘let’s pull the trigger now,’” Marks said. “And I would say it’s not causably linked to what occurred at the U.S. Embassy a few days before other than he happened to be there checking up on what was taking place.”


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