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GOP Senator: Obama Committed More Impeachable Offenses Than Trump

With the impeachment of President Donald Trump coming to a close and an acquittal vote on the way, Republican senators are taking a victory lap in the latest round of media interviews.

On Sunday, Iowa Sen. Joni Ernst told CNN host Jake Tapper that Trump’s actions on the Ukraine call didn’t come close justifying impeachment, adding that what Obama had told Russia in the now-infamous hot-mic moment was worse.

“Whether you like what the president has done or not — we can argue this up one side and down the other all day — does it come to the point of removing a president from office? I don’t believe this does. I’ll tie it back to Obama and his hot mic moment with the former president of Russia, where he literally said give me some space in my election. Oops, OK, talking about elections.”

Host Jake Tapper retorted, “He was talking about a missile defense.”

Ernst shot back, “Yes, but a missile defense that the Congress wanted him to build up make much more robust protect America citizens and President Obama choose not to do that as long as the Russians gave him space in the elections. That nobody brought up for impeachment.

“So the very fact that because aid was held for about two months, because there was not an official White House meeting, people are wanting to impeach this president. What President Trump did it didn’t rise to the level of what President Obama did,” she concluded.



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