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GOP Senator Reportedly Falls Asleep While Democrat Speaks During Impeachment Trial

The opening day of President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial, which featured arguments from both the president’s legal team and the assembly of Democratic House Managers, lasted a staggering 13 hours on the Senate floor, not to mention the time preparing before the trial and the drive home afterward.

Needless to say, there were presumably a lot of worn out politicians. But at least one Republican senator claimed the title of taking the first on-duty nap, as Democrats continued to lay out their case against the president.

According to Daily Caller, Sen. Jim Risch reportedly grabbed a bit of shut-eye during the long-winded speeches. A sketch artist from The New York Times depicted Risch as he allegedly nodded off while sitting between his colleagues.

Risch, the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, was reported to have been seen “motionless, with his eyes closed and head slumped against his right hand,” just shortly after four hours into the Senate impeachment proceedings.

Specifically, Risch reportedly checked the back of his eyelids for about 15 minutes, while Democratic Florida Rep. Val Demings urged the Senate to allow Democrats to subpoena the U.S. State Department for documents related to the impeachment inquiry.

In an expected attempt to save face — although nobody would likely blame him for grabbing the opportune power nap — one of his spokespeople claimed that the senator wasn’t sleeping, rather, he was listening “with his eyes closed or cast down.”

Because of the strict rules enforced during Senate hearings, they’re not allowed to have coffee or energy drinks delivered to them on the floor. Even more strange, they’re only allowed to have either a glass of water or a glass of milk and aren’t able to move from their seats other than for short bathroom breaks.

Day two of Trump’s impeachment trial features opening arguments by Democrats, with Rep. Adam Schiff, so far, taking up a majority of the party’s time.


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