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Graham Rips Schiff During Trial: ‘Like Listening To An Arsonist Talk About Fire Prevention’

As President Donald Trump and his legal team began the first day of the Senate impeachment trial, House Managers and the president’s legal defense team exchanged barbs in their opening statements.

According to The Washington Examiner, while Sen. Lindsey Graham didn’t have a chance to directly address House Manager Adam Schiff as the Democratic lawmaker gave his opening statements and lectured Republicans on fairness on the Senate floor, the South Carolina senator hit him hard in a well-timed tweet.

“Quite frankly, having Adam Schiff lecture the Senate about fairness and due process is like listening to an arsonist talk about fire prevention,” Graham tweeted.

Schiff was apparently reacting to White House lawyer Pat Cipollone, who opened up his arguments by slamming Democrats — including Schiff — for what he called a lack of fairness during the House portion of the impeachment inquiry.

“Mr. Cipollone made the representation that Republicans were not even allowed in the depositions conducted in the House. Now, I’m not going to suggest to you that Mr. Cipollone would deliberately make a false statement,” Schiff said. “But I will tell you this: He’s mistaken.”

That response from Schiff is what led to Graham’s tweet.

The Senate trial kicked off with an effort by Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer forcing a vote to pass an amendment that would subpoena Ukraine-related documents that the White House never released — documents that contain communications between Trump administration officials and Ukraine with regard to the July 25 phone call between Trump and the Ukrainian president.

As previously reported by Daily Sounder, the amendment proposal was quickly shot down by Senate Republicans in a 53-47 vote. So far, no Republican senators have broken ranks with the party, however, Democrats only need four of them to switch sides on any given amendment vote to win with a simple majority.


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