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100,000 Gun Owners Band Together To Fight Virginia Anti-Gun Dems: ‘We’re Not The Problem’

It has been made crystal clear over the past few months that pro-Second Amendment gun owners in Virginia are far from happy with a number of proposed gun control laws by the abundance of new Democrats in the state who seem eager to use their voting power.

According to The Washington Examiner, a large group of about 100,000 law-abiding gun owners began what was called a “bombardment” campaign of calling Democratic office holders who are preparing to make a push for a new round of strict and potentially unconstitutional “gun control” laws throughout the state.

“Now it’s time. Now we’re going to melt down their phones, explode their inboxes on their email. We’re going to bombard them more than they’ve been bombarded,” said Philip Van Cleave, president of the Virginia Citizens Defense League. His group is one that’s leading the fight to maintain cities in the state as “gun sanctuaries.”

Van Cleave sounded the alarm to his group recently, sending out an alert that said new anti-gun laws are “pouring in like a waterfall,” stressing the importance of contacting those in power to let them know that it’s not law-abiding gun owners who cause problems with guns, rather, it’s the bad guys who don’t obey laws whatsoever.

On Wednesday Van Cleave posted a map of “sanctuary cities” across the state of Virginia.

His group will also be holding a “lobbying day” event later in January, which is expected to draw potentially thousands of pro-gun supporters — even many from out of state who want to stand in solidarity with Virginia gun owners.

Van Cleave expressed his frustration at Democrats — not just in Virginia but around the country — and their seemingly knee-jerk response to create new gun laws every time a mass shooting happens.

“They picked a fight with a set of people who are tired of it. We’re tired of being the whipping boy. Every time somebody shoots up a bunch of people in a gun-free zone, they come after us, and we’re tired of it. We’re fed up, and we’re not giving up any more. We’re not the problem,” Van Cleave proclaimed.

Between his group and another pro-gun group known as “Gun Owners of America,” Virginia now has a large and vocal voice in the fight against stricter gun legislation.

The sanctuary gun city movement that the groups have promoted and put their collective voices behind has enjoyed victory across a vast majority of the state. But it doesn’t appear as if they’ll be satisfied until all of Virginia is a gun sanctuary state.

“Virginia had been a very free state for a long time. This is where freedom started, and it’s ironic that this is coming here, and I think that’s another reason that people are looking at Virginia, saying our freedom started here and … we’ll be damned if it ends here,” Van Cleave said.


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